Panasonic LX-100

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I was ever so eagerly anticipating for this, possibly the only competitor against the RX100. But the fact that this is 2.4 inches thick just makes it un-pocketable (for jeans/pants) which, i believe, means its no longer competing with the the pocketable category but the larger G1X, GM1 etc. So then, same argument against the G1X & X30 alike fixed-lens cameras, why not go for a small system then, ie GM1, EM5, X-M1?

That depends. Some people buys the RX100III because it's pocketable, others buy it simply because it's the best premium compact available. The former might still buy RX100, the later might buy the LX100 if it's indeed a better camera and in that sense, they are competing against each other.

Fixed lens cameras offer a practicality that a ILC camera can't offer, as compact as it can be, they are at their best interchanging lenses and some might simply prefer the practicality of a fixed zoom lens, even more if it doesn't sacrifice so much in quality, aperture and focal length, since the size of a compact ILC with a compact lens is kind of the same or even bigger than the compact premium.

Am i the only one who thinks the sensor wont be a 43rds sensor? Lookign at it. Why would Panasonic release a reasonably priced fixed lens camera that in operation would be the equivalent of a GX7 and a 12-35/2.8 lens (even better at 1.7). Does not make sense to me.So im calling this out as a smaller sensor - maybe a 1inch sized sensor.

I have a similar doubt - sounds too good to be true, IF the small form factor is true. Sure, a non-interchangeable lens can make the assembly more compact, but I'm not sure if that is enough to change a lens that is even brighter than the 12-35X into a large point and shoot form factor. The other possibility is that its quite a bigger size than what all of us are imagining from the above comparison image. I would like to be wrong on this tho, and hope that Panasonic has made a camera so great that its unbelievable.

It's a 4/3 sensor cropped to act as a multi-aspect sensor, the lens specs shows the exact same crop as the 4K video in the GH4 and the specs don't fit a 1" sensor, it's 2.2x crop with a 10.9-34mm f/1.7-2.8 ASPH, 24-75mm equivalent. And you can't take the specs serious enough to dismiss a 4/3 sensor for some logical reason and not take it serious enough to understand its crop, so you either dismiss all the specs and think it's a 1" or you don't use it as an argument, otherwise, your point doesn't make sense, it's just a fallacy.

So you went off on a rant about equivalence and crops but didn't answer my initial question.

It seems strange to me, that Panasonic would create a product that takes the place of 2 of their other products and sell it at around half of those 2 products.

At the end of the day it matter not really, neither the GX7, the 12-35mm nor this cam is on my shopping list.

Seriously, has there ever been a camera this popular based on the poll results? Look at the percentage of people that are excited for this camera. I really hope this is not bs cause if Panasonic doesn't greedy and prices this camera sensibly they might have a game changer on their hands. I know it won't be cheap but if they price it over $1,000 I think it'll be a tough sale. Under a grand and it'll be flying off the shelves.